Dear St. Anne’s & St. Michael’s Parishioners:

As of August 7, we have officially  reopened our churches  to a capacity of 150 people or 50% whichever is greater. We will slowly begin the pieces of rebuilding our churches.  We hope that by the end of September or early October, we will begin relaunching our regular liturgical schedules. Although the Provincial  restrictions have changed with regards to mandatory masking, our preference is to continue masking in the parishes.  We strongly recommend that masking continue as well,  social distancing and hand sanitizing are still encouraged so that necessary precautions are taken to  safe guard ourselves and others.     We still need to stay vigilant and if you haven’t already done so, please get vaccinated.  

Sunday Liturgies are 9:30 am. at St. Michael Parish & 10:00 am. at St. Anne Parish  Livestream will be available at both parishes.

God bless you and thank you for your support and perseverance. 

God Bless – Fr. Mark

For St. Anne’s Sunday Divine Liturgy at 10:00 AM, please visit, or click on the YouTube link below.

Sunday, September 19, 2021


1. Set up auto-withdrawal today! The form is located in the “Bulletins” section of the website, or by clicking here. (Please note a void cheque is required, which can be dropped off in the parish mailbox during the week).

2. We will be accepting e-transfers direct from you bank account. Follow the directions from your online account and use the parish email as the recipient ( No passwords are required.

3. We will still accept cash and cheques sealed in your parish donation envelope. Simply drive down to the parish and drop them in parish mailbox on the front side of the church. We will check the mailbox regularly Monday through Friday. You may want to consider either doing post-dated cheques in one drop, or one cheque for the month. This will allow you to make only one trip to the parish instead of coming out weekly.


Call 204-619-1165 to arrange a time.



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